World of EXEX

A place of inspiration, design, innovation and quality.

Since the beginning, EXEX Design has been different. Design and quality are highly revered elements of the EXEX culture. Our people are truly unique. Claudia, our designer and our staff including our project managers, artisans, marketers, manufacturers, administrators, shippers and retail assistants, care deeply about the ultimate happiness, satisfaction and joy of our customers. We are a customer-centric company, and our business operations decision-making takes into account the best interests of our customers.

For those who seek to live an authentic life.

EXEX Design is created to honor those who value being unique – in a sea of vanilla. We work hard to provide designs and products that make our customers feel good when they wear our unique pieces. Through our range of different collections, there is an authentic style for each of our valued customers. We pride ourselves on the wearer being the final home for our pieces, throughout the creative transmission of ideas, energy and earth’s precious materials - from the designer to the artisan to the store to the wearer.  More than jewelry, we believe EXEX Designs are symbols — connecting the piece to the unique moment and source the inspiration.

Inspired Design.

EXEX is inspired. Both as a company of people, and within our unique artisan enthused designs. Claudia is a devoted designer, incorporating the striking elements of nature juxtaposed with contrasting metals and stones set in carefully engineered designs. The reflection of light into surfaces, then diffused through the prisms and unique compounds of rare and vivid gemstones and lustrous pearls, reflecting light beams off small asymmetrical structures of gems and metals, against translucent epidermis and supporting fashion.

Earth’s landscapes, it’s oceans, the sun, the moon and the stars. The fleeting touch of a lover’s kiss, the passionate gaze between two people, and the warm embrace of lifelong family are all inspirations to EXEX Design. It is our purpose to bring emotion to our baubles, to bring awareness and joy, and the offer unique pieces that reflect your best creative, and most authentic self.

Artisan Jewelry and more.

We are inspired by beautiful jewelry. But we are also motivated by other products that we feel truly reflect the unique, authentic designs of EXEX. We will continue to introduce new jewelry collections and lines over the upcoming months and years, but also other style elements we are confident our customers have requested, including handbags, purses, accessories, watches, writing instruments, and other collections.