About EXEX Design

EXEX Design is Authentic Life.

Established in 1989 in Corona del Mar, Southern California, the company was founded by Claudia Agudelo, one of the world’s most innovative and prolific designers. EXEX Designs have passionate roots in Colombia, South America where Claudia grew up, but you will also see world influences from the many places she has lived and traveled, including California, Bali, The Mediterranean, South of France, Milan, Brazil, India, The United States, and many other places.

 Artisan designs. Influenced by Nature.

Claudia’s design influences are set in the three elements of Classic, Feminine and Romantic. Her inspiration evokes rare materials and symbols from the earth, the oceans, natural energy, the intricate patterns of flowers and nature, and the authentic love and complexity of human relationships.

 Inspired by Love.

 Love is the central theme. Love of beauty. Love of all things meticulously designed to blend within nature. Love of the bond of people who love and are inspired. Love of living an authentic life. 

Modern design, set in tradition.

EXEX Designs are timeless. Our multiple distinctive collections combine precious gemstones with treasured metals. Each stone is unique, from the earth where it has been hidden and waiting for you for millenniums. Our metals are of gold and silver, valued for their special characteristics, as they have been for thousands of years. It is the unique mind of Claudia that takes these disparate materials, and working with some of the world’s great artisans, combines design with meticulous hand-made manufacturing to create the one-off, signature pieces, made just for you, to tell your distinctive story.