Which Hairstyle looks best with your favorite Jewelery?

For most women it is difficult to pair your favorite jewelry with your favorite hairstyle so that one is not overpowering the other. We have some tips and tricks to help you pair them together. Classic updos, ponytails, a messy bun, these are a few of the most common pulled back hairstyle which will look great with a set of bold earrings. A pair that has plenty of color, dangle or even classic hoops. With your hair up and away from your face, your earrings are sure to be the center of attention. Those that may not be a bold earring wearer or a hair up kind of person,  we have a solution for you as well. Whether it be curls or straight hair that is completely down, a pair of stud earrings will be the choice for you. A pair of pearls, diamonds or your favorite EXEX Design studs will be a perfect compliment when your hair is down. Moving down to which necklace to wear or not wear with each hairstyle, the hair up look with bold earrings will be paired perfectly with a tighter fitting necklace. A piece that will bring out your decollete, with colors that work well with your earrings. For those hair down people, a longer fitting necklace will be a good choice. Since a pair of stud earrings are subtly sitting behind your hair, the necklace you choose will be your “stand out” piece. Medium or longer length will be perfect, something with unique designs just like necklaces from our Casablanca & Romance Collections. EXEX Design has all the pieces you need to pair your favorite hairstyle with.

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